Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

February 27, 2024

As you prepare to sell your house in 2024, you have a lot on your list to complete. After all, selling a home isn’t just about putting it on the market and waiting for someone to buy it. You likely have a list of upgrades you must complete to pass inspections and improve your chances of a sale. Should you call a local roofing service to replace your roof before a sale? Here are some reasons why it’s worth spending the money to replace that roof.

Improve Resale Value

Every upgrade and repair you make in your home before a sale is a step towards improving its resale value. Therefore, you want to make updates that come with the best ROI possible. Luckily, according to HomeAdvisor, a new roof installation can maintain as much as 85% of its resale value. This means that installing a new roof is definitely worth it.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Your roof is one part of your home that’s only visible from the outside. It will be one of the first things people see when attending an open house or approaching the “For Sale” sign. Therefore, you want to ensure all of your exterior visuals are on point to draw someone in. Regardless of how your fencing, landscaping, or exterior paint looks, if your roof is sagging and looks like it’s about to fall apart, it could quickly turn off a serious buyer. Regardless of what updates you made inside with wooden floors or interior paint, it will be harder to see them if they’re turned off by poor curb appeal.

Add Better Material

Not all roofing materials are the same. You can enhance your curb appeal, value, and sellability by replacing your roof with a better material. Please chat with us about our high-quality and durable materials available. A potential buyer would be impressed by having such quality roofing that might outlast their lifespan.

Ease Buyer Concern

When you have a serious buyer on hand, you want to ease all the concerns they have. After all, no one wants to move into a home with a roof that may cave in at any time. When you provide proof that you had a new roof installed and it’s made of the best materials on the market, that’s one less thing a new homeowner would have to worry about. They can have confidence that the roof won’t spring a leak any time soon. Whatever upgrades the new owner plans to make, they won’t need to worry about a new roof replacement.

Prepare for a Slow Market

Just because your home is beautiful and has a high value doesn’t mean that it’ll sell quickly. Therefore, you may need to prepare that your old home can linger for months. Or, in the worst case, it could be years before you make a sale. When you replace your roofing, you can have confidence that the other updates you’ve made inside the home will be protected. Why is that? A new solid roofing installation makes you less likely to deal with roof leaks. Leaks can cause major water damage that can destroy your drywall and foundation. If interior paintwork and new hardwood floors were part of your moving upgrades, you can protect that even if the home is on the market for a while.

Keep Up With Competition

The housing market can fluctuate very quickly. When you hire a local roofing service like ours to replace a roof before you move, it’s a major step in keeping up with the competition and staying ahead of trends. After all, your house may not be the only one for sale in your neighborhood. Stay ahead of or keep up with what other home sellers are doing. This will improve your chances of being as competitive as possible in making your home stand out.

Are you ready to make that bold move in 2024 by moving to a new home? Hiring a local roofing service can make that happen for you. These professionals are responsible for installing one of the most important parts of your house structure, which is your roof. To learn more about the materials we use and get an estimate, contact Manny Roofing today.